Gateron Announces New Baby Kangaroo Tactile Mechanical Switch

Gateron has welcomed a new member to its huge catalog of premium mechanical switches, the all-new Gateron “Baby Kangaroo” switches. It’s a tactile switch with a completely transparent cover, Nylon PA66 White base, and Bright green POM stem. Gateron has designed the Baby Kangaroo switches with high toughness, high durability, and smooth operation. Gateron Baby Kangaroo switches have a peak actuation point of at 0.5mm producing highly tactile feedback upon key press. Multiple brands including Keychron, JamesDonkey, and more have designed keyboards with the Gateron Baby Kangaroo switches. They will be released soon too.

Gateron Baby Kangaroo-1

Gateron Baby Kangaroo switches feature a vertical crosspoint contact. It has anti-oxidant gold-coating that effectively improves the durability of the switches and protects them again corrosion. Gateron Baby Kangaroo switches feature a 22mm double-stage gold-plated spring made up of high-quality material. This spring has got a robust build with a hard structure that makes the rebound rigid and tight. Gateron has further adjusted the spring force tolerance to improve the consistency of the switches. With a gold-plated structure, the Spring is fully resistant to corrosion, and oxidation, hence improving the durability of the switches.

Gateron Baby Kangaroo-2

Gateron Baby Kangaroo switches use Gateron’s automatic self-lubricating technology. The switches come factory self-lubed for a smooth user experience. With each key-press, you will notice the keyboard to have a smoother operation. The transparent top cover on the Baby Kangaroo switches allows the placement of SMD multi-colour RGB lights and create a fully immersive experience every time you turn on your keyboard!!

Gateron Baby Kangaroo-3

Gateron Baby Kangaroo switches take a high operating force of 59±8gf. They have a classy, premium typing experience with their rich tactile feedback. For actual tactile feedback, Gateron has treated the switches with a 0.5mm peak tactile point. The switches have got a pre-travel of 2.0±0.5mm and a total travel of 3.4mm. Gateron has designed them using high-quality components including gold-plated spring, etc that provide it with a long operating life of up to 60 million keystrokes. The Gateron Baby Kangaroo mechanical switches are ideal for both gaming and office use case scenarios, one will notice a crisp bump and with a rich soft sound. Soon we will be getting new keyboards from famous brands including JamesDonkey, Keychron, and more!! Stay tuned with us for more news related to mechanical keyboards and their accessories!!

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