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>Compact 100-Key Arrangement.

>Premium Build With CNC Machined 6063 Aluminum Alloy Chassis.

>Comfortable Typing With Gasket Pro Structure.

>Customized FR4 Positioning Plate.

>Multi-layered sound and shock Absorbing Internal Structure.

>Durable PBT Five-Sided Heat Sublimation Keycaps.

>Full-Key Hot-Swappable Sockets(Both 3-pin and 5-pin switches supported).

>Customized POM Material Linear Mechanical Switches.

>Dynamic RGB Backlight With over 18 lighting effects.

>Multimedia Customizable knob.

>6000mAh Large-Capacity Battery.

>Versatile Three-Mode Connectivity.

>Available In Multiple Color Options With Neon Themes.

>Available as Kit Only as well.

>Weight: 2205±20 grams.

JamesDonkey R2 is a brand-new three-mode mechanical keyboard with an exquisite premium build quality. The keyboard features a CNC-machined premium finish with 6063 high-quality aluminium alloy material. JamesDonkey has designed the R2 with a gasket pro comfortable structure design with built-in multi-layered padding for smoother typing feedback. To further enhance the typing experience, we also have new customized White Wings POM material mechanical switches. JamesDonkey R2 is simply an amazing keyboard loaded with advanced components and features to provide a premium user experience!!

Exclusive Premium Finish:-

JamesDonkey R2 mechanical keyboard has an exquisite premium finish. The keyboard is made with a solid 6063 series high-quality aluminium alloy material crafted using high-precision CNC cutting, anodizing, powder spraying, and other processes. The end result with the keyboard has a rich and premium finish.

Soft Typing Feedback With Gasket Pro Structure:-

JamesDonkey R2 mechanical keyboard features soft and flexible typing feedback thanks to its Gasket Pro structure design. It features an assembly of silicone sleeves and Poron gaskets adding spacers around the positioning plate making the PCB suspended between the top and bottom cover. This enables silky-smooth typing feedback with softer acoustics.

Multi-Layered Internal Padding:-

Further supporting the gasket pro structure design, JamesDonkey has also equipped the keyboard with multiple layered internal padding. This includes IXPE undershaft padding, Sandwich Poron padding, Silicone Bottom cover padding, etc. These layers fill the empty spaces inside the keyboard and provide super comfy typing feedback.

Dynamic RGB Backlight:-

JamesDonkey R2 mechanical keyboard features a dynamic RGB Backlight. This backlight has 18+4 lighting effects and 5 brightness levels allowing the user to fully control the output to their liking.

Compact Layout With Customizable Multi-Media Knob:-

JamesDonkey R2 mechanical keyboard features a 100-key compact layout. The keyboard also features a multi-media knob with a default function to adjust the volume on the go. It can be customized with different functions using the driver software.

Versatile Connectivity:-

Connect the JamesDonkey R2 mechanical keyboard as you like with its versatile three-mode connectivity. The keyboard supports wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired connection mode. It has low-latency connectivity providing quick trigger response, perfect response for gamers.

Extended Battery Life:-

JamesDonkey R2 mechanical keyboard features a high-capacity 6000mAh battery that provides an extended battery life of up to 5 weeks. One full charge will enable a strong battery life of up to 5 weeks varying basically on the RGB backlight settings.


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